Sunday, June 16, 2013

Goodbye Incheon!

 Josh made a very special friend who he will miss A LOT while serving here, she has sat with him in church, waits for him at the door and holds his hand the whole time. They have become best buddies and he will miss her!!
Josh and his comp, in his favorite apartment so far!

Transferred again!

Elder Chizzy is being transferred again! Back to the heart of Seoul to Dongdaemoon. He will be back in the Seoul mission and will still be a zone leader. He seems to be excited but is having mixed emotions since he has only been in Incheon for 6 weeks. Apparently he is needed in Seoul and in the Seoul mission! He has learned a lot from the short time he's been in Incheon, he's learned how difficult it is to be with someone 24/7 who speaks zero English, he's learned to deal with a companion who wasn't really like him or necessarily got along with and to love him anyway! He's seen miracles in his area and he's exercised faith while teaching his zone members, which has resulted in miracles for them as well! He's learning that the almost unbearable heat and humidity is common for Korea and that air conditioning is a luxury almost unheard of there! He has gained a very strong testimony of Joseph Smith from reading a book he had in his appartment, he read it cover to cover (over 500 pgs) in whatever spare time he's had and loved it. We love how grateful and kind and converted he is. He is positive even when it's hard, happy even when he has very bad days and weeks and so incredibly faithful and commited to what he's doing. We couldn't be more happy that he's where he is doing what he's doing. Being a missionary family is the BEST!

I am pretty excited. I am bouncing out of Incheon right into the heart of Seoul! I will still be zone leader but will stsy in the Seoul mission! I am happy to still serve with President Christensen! I have just hear that Dongdaemoon is a good zone and that it is a lot of fun. It will have a lot more people so that will be really cool. . Haha this last week was kind of a blur.... When you have something like a transfer, it kind of blows out everything about the last week... We had some success and some cool miracles! We really just had a good time so that was good:) Life was much more exciting this week and working was a lot funner. I realized how much I have improved in my Korean in these last 6 weeks this week for sure and I am definitely grateful for that. I have learned a lot so I am hoping I can continue working hard and keep learning.  It will be nice to serve with an american again just so when we need to understand each other, we can. There are a lot of super young missionaries in my zone... I was looking at it, and only 3 or 4 of them are older than me in the mission which is totally insane but that just means I get to step up and be a leader which will be awesome. I will miss Incheon that is for sure. I was just starting to get to know my ward and the area and what not so it is definitely weird, especially cuz I was only here for 6 stinking weeks!!! Haha and I was in Gaebong for 6 months!! Haha kind of nuts... But I learned a lot in thisarea and I feel like I am leaving it is a better state than when I got here so that feels good. WE found three new investigators this week which was super good. I taught the first lesson in english for really the first time on my mission and it felt really good. Haha the guy is korean but he was like fluent in english so I just taught him in english and  I felt it went really well. It feels good sometimes to teach in your native language:) Haha but yeah, like I said, this week kind of got all blurred up with the news that I am bouncing out of here and my thoughts have been all over the place like "Why did I even come to Incheon?" and "Why do I have to leave now?" And "What do I need to do in Dongdaemoon?" So those things have been troubling me a bit, but like I shared when I talked to my ward yesterday, we just have to trust the Lord and trust that he knows what is best for us always. I don't know to what extent I effected people in this area, but I know I changed a lot and learned a lot of things that will help me throughout the rest of my mission. So I will just keep trusting the Lord and realizing that he always knows what is best for me no matter what."