Monday, July 7, 2014

Last few weeks in Korea

Josh will finish his mission on Aug 1, we get the privilege of going to pick him up on July 23 and spending 8 days with him in Seoul. If all goes well, and we are PRAYING it does, we will be able to be there for a baptism. He has only had one other baptism on his mission, that of a cute little 9 year old, so this would be huge for him and more importantly for his friend. 
He celebrated his 21st bday with his district, the sister's made him a cake and he loved his little piƱata we sent him! He also made our traditional bday pancakes with chocolate chips and strawberry jam we always have!!! As sad as he is to leave his mission, we are so excited to see him and hear his stories with his voice and face to face. We are so thankful for the example his is and the wonderful experiences he has had on his mission.

But I will tell you probably the coolest miracle from this week!!! So, I met Jeong a long time ago with Elder Smith and Elder Yamagata and we sat and talked with him and whatever and it was decent... Anyways, at that time, back in april, we set a baptismal date for may and what not and it was good... He just didn't quite make it so we weren't able to go through with it... Do you remember him?? He is the 27 year old.. We have been meeting with him on and off for a long time!! Anyways, we went and ate with him on Friday, and I was on exchanges with Elder Hollingshaus and we just decided that we would just ask him how he is thinking about church and a bunch of stuff like that.. .He seems to really like it and stuff so we ended up talking about baptism and so we set a baptismal date with him which was a miracle!! Haha guess when it is.... July 27th!! The day you and dad will be coming with me to Ilsan ward... How cool would that be?? Anyways, I was a little bit skeptical from Saturday to Sunday cuz I wasn't exactly sure if he would go through with it and what not... Well, he came to church and we met with him after and he had read the Book of Mormon chapter we gave him and then we started talking about the commandments... He has a word of wisdom problem and I knew that it would be tough, but he said that he would try to keep the word of wisdom during the next three weeks so that he could prepare for baptism!!! So cool... It was awesome cuz during the lesson, I just felt like I should promise him that if he tried his best, after he was baptized and received the holy ghost, that the desire to drink alcohol would disappear and he would be able to keep it... And then i just told him that that promise doesn't come from me, but that it comes from the Lord and that since I am a representative of Him, it is coming straight from Him... It was really powerful and it really made me think about how grateful I am to be serving a mission.. The Spirit was so strong and afterwards, he walked up to the 1st counselor in the bishopric and he said that he was going to get baptized on the 27th....... Haha SO COOL!!!! I am soooooooooooo excited for him.... I really really hope that he can do it... I fasted for him and prayed lots and I am just happy about it... I think he can get there... For me, it was just a huge blessing to be able to see how since I have been trying to finish off strong, Heavenly Father gave me this blessing and I can work with him for the remainder of my mission... If he doesn't make it I will be ok... I have learned what I needed to learn about finishing... It is a very seeable blessing that I am incredibly grateful for... I think he can get there though!! super cool!!!! WE had a couple other good lessons as well and yesterday was just one of those days that made me feel like I never want to go home....... I of course want to see you guys, but doing this work brings so much joy and satisfaction it is crazy... I was just sitting there last night, so happy and just grateful to be where I was.... It was really cool:):)