Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making up for a few months! Life in Seoul is good!!

Our cute Korean missionary is loving life in his new area. It is called Irsan and he says it's small like "New York" with parks. When he calls New York small, I can only assume Seoul is absolutely massive!!! I haven't updated for awhile so there's quite a few letters and pictures. He is doing well, frustrated that people won't accept the message, but happy to be a zone leader, happy to have great companions and friends, glad it is getting cooler there and happy his shoes are holding up pretty well!!!
We love this boy and the great example he is to us and his friends, cousins and siblings. Keep it up Elder Chizzy!!!!!!

 Elder Chiz and his favorite "brother", Elder Coats.
 An average Korean meal! I think I'll stick to meatloaf............
 The boys in his apartment having Sunday dinner a member brought! He loves it when that happens!
 He is very excited for autumn and that the weather is cooler, the summer was stifling and it is a nice change.
 Elder Anderson and Elder Chizzy managed to find a special friend. I wonder if they'll baptize him.......
 Things could be worse.......if you have a Halloween freak for a mom and she sends so much stuff you can feed your whole zone.........for a week.............
 Apparently, building big churches are like a competition in Korea. This one is pretty darn large.
 Cute Elders!
 Elder's Chizzy and Anderson! He loves his new companion and they are having  alot of fun!
 He teaches a lot in Dunkin' Donuts, in fact, he taught all the lessons to one of his investigators here, and another in Baskin Robbins. I hope he's working out and exercising!!!
Evidently these pants are all the rage in Korea. He says he's sending us all some....looking stylin' boys!!!

 I have never felt more pressure to eat with someone in my life. They basically made us eat and so we finally gave in and decided to go with them. Turns out, they take is to this resturant that is a seafood resturant and I'll tell you what, korean seafood is way worse than american seafood. It was so nasty mom. You would have lost your mind. We walked in and on the table, there was silkworm larva as a side dish and what not and I actually ate one, it was terrible. Then they brought out this raw fish which was probably the best part of the meal, and then they brought out this barbequed to heck full fish. Burned and everything and it was so nasty. It had the head and the skin and all the bones in it and they just told me to eat it.
(So, he got super sick and had a lot going on the next day in his new ward, he had his companion give him a blessing and was able to do what he needed to and felt like Heavenly Father really helped him)

The cool thing about it all is just that I got that blessing, and I was given strength when I needed it. The rest of the day I felt terrible but when I needed to talk, I was just given strength. It was a really interesting experience for me and one that I will probably talk about for a long time cuz the Lord blessed me with what I needed. I had to do my part. I had to stay at church and go to the fireside and push through and suffer a bit, but when I did that, the Lord blessed me and I really think the ward saw that and I think the Lord saw that I will do what it takes. The ward is awesome and I am so excited to be here. They are excited to have 8 missionaries in their ward and they want to do missionary work. Our bishop is awesome and we have a ton of amazing members. I haven't been this excited to serve in an area for my whole mission. The atmosphere is very different and I am excited. I am excited to be at full strength and to be able to just settle into doing this work:) It is going to be awesome and we are going to see miracles I know it. 

We found a lot of really cool people through contacting. We talked to this one guy and he took us in to Starbucks and bought us Banana Chocolate drinks that were like $6.50 a pop and that was good. It was even better cuz we taught him about the Book of Mormon and he said he would come to church. (He didn't cuz he got really sick, but we will meet with him again this week.) Then we have our two athiest friends, Jin and Kim Byeong Soo which are two really nice kids that are pretty strong athiests which is impressive for 19 year olds. But they are super cool and kind of somewhat open to religion which is all that we need:) We talked some about the B.O.M and ate Baskin Robbins with them which was fun:) The Baskin Robbins here is super bomb:)  They have so many weird flavors that are so good. It is pretty expensive, but what can ya do I guess:) It's cool!! I love Ice Cream that has cheesecake in it... Super good:) Oh guess what else!! So on Saturday after english class we all went at got Double Down Max's from KFC.... Do you remember what the Double Down is??? Haha they didn't have it for a long time and while we were contacting on Saturday, we saw that it came back and we were all so excited so we went and bought one even though we had already eaten dinner... It was so amazing:) Haha no buns, just two chicken breasts, bacon, a hashbrown in the middle, some cheese, and this chili sauce... Lanta it was sooo good!!! Haha I rather enjoyed that:)

You asked a little bit about my area.... It is pretty great!!! It is just a lot more open and a lot more green than those places I have served in Seoul. I love the air here too... It is really dirty in Seoul and it is nice to have good air... Haha I never thought that was a thing... But it really is!! What else.... I think more than anything it is just a lot more open and it makes it seem nicer. I love it. And for some reason, the people are way nicer too. We have had a lot of people just straight up buy us stuff off the street and then listen to what we have to say which is a great change. I feel like I have taught a lot more here which is really nice and it has strengthened my testimony for sure. Everyone in my house is doing great and our zone is doing really good!! They are all working hard and it has been good to work around them... Missionaries are just the best:) I love them a lot!!! What else... It sounds like everything is going well back at home!! It is crazy that 10 days from today is Halloween and that in 2 days, I will have been in Korea for a year!! Totally nuts... And by the way, you are right about the patience thing... It has taught me a lot about myself and about how I need to become better... It is definitely testing sometimes to not be able to see the success I want to, but I have learned a lot about how to patiently endure. I am pretty sure I also need to work on it a lot, but I am getting better:)

There were some really good things about the week, and then there was the normal disappointment that comes along with doing missionary work here! It was a really good contacting week numbers wise for me this week. We contacted a lot and I set up a lot of appointments with people. The way we contact is kind of interesting. So when we contact, we try and get to know the person a little bit, and then we try to move it into a gospel discussion. It usually turns into us trying to make it so they don't run away... (I have had people literally run acrossed the street during a green light because they don't want to talk to me... I guess I am super scary.) Anyways, if they don't get scared off, we try and give a really short summary of something that makes our message special, and then testify, and then try and get their phone number and set up an appointment. I have been blessed with a talent to get numbers! I don't really know why or how I can get so many, but I can get quite a few. Usually out of 20 people, I can get 3 or 4 numbers which is a lot compared to a lot of people... Anyways, one day we walked out to one of the crosswalks by our house and the first 3 or 4 people I talked to gave me their phone numbers and set up appointments with me! That made me happy! I think I have told you about how it is the little things that really bring happiness and what not... It is those type of little things that really do bring satisfaction into the work here in Korea. I haven't gotten the opportunity to see a lot of baptisms, but I have felt the satisfaction that comes from working hard and enjoying the little things. Anyways, the disappointing part is that a good majority, didn't meet with us again. (actually none of those people have met with us again... Maybe there will be a couple this week but I doubt it because it is the korean equivalent of thanksgiving this week...  But, that just seems to be the way it goes. We work hard, do everything we can, and then they use their agency in the wrong way. It can be incredibly frustrating, but agency is very central to the plan of salvation and I don't want to force anyone into doing anything so I will just keep inviting people to come unto Christ!!

Good things..... I went to a stake meeting yesterday and got to ride in a car for an hour!! I didn't every really realize how nice it is to have a car!! Haha I cannot wait to drive again when I come home:) I think that is going to be so sweet!!! Other things.... um.... I went and played basketball a couple times in the morning and even though it was really dark, it was really fun:) I was also able to play the piano a ton on sunday!!! I really really love playing the piano. I never thought I would say that, but we go to the church early on sundays and while everyone else studies and what not, I play the piano and it is one of my favorite times of the week. I can't wait to play more when I get home and learn some cool songs:) I have learned a lot more hymns and I just love it:) I also love to sing hymns!! Music is a great thing that I have really loved throughout my mission:)

 His zone in Seoul before he was transferred in September
The Seoul temple
 Playing in the rain! This is probably my favorite picture he's sent yet! He looks so happy and cute!
A member bought all this food for the missionaries. They are growing boys but WOW that's a lot of food!!!!!!

We had an appointment last night with the guy that we have met a couple times now... The kid that just got back from the army and is 24... Yeah that guy. We taught him again and he really has a lot of really good intent to learn about our church. I asked him last night if he found out that our church was true, would he join it... And said if he found out it was true, he would. i feel like that is a perfect example of learning with real intent. Learning with the intent to act on the answer that you recieve. We talked a lot about Christ and the role He has played in our lives.. I have thought a lot about that this week and I feel like I have learned a lot about him because of it. Without Christ, we would have no purpose in this life and it would be kind of pointless to be here. But because he came, suffered for our sins, paid that price, and then died on the cross, we have purpose. Because we believe in the resurrected Christ, I feel that we have even more purpose. It doesn't end here and we have the capability to return and live with our families for eternity in the Celestial Kingdom. That is what Christ has provided for us. I read a verse in 3 Nephi 27 today that I really liked. It was verse 14 I think and it talked about how because Christ was raised up, He can raise us up to the judgement bar of God and judge us according to our works with mercy. I really like that imagery. The other thing that I was touched by was just the fact that Christ had to let himself die. He was God's Son. He could have stopped at any point, but He didn't. He endured and secured our salvation voluntarily. He had to give up His life. I am so grateful He did!!!

 Have a great week:) 사랑해요!!!:) (Love you!!)
치슴 장로:):):) Elder Chisholm:)