Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Greenie package and latest letter!

We were excited to get a real written letter last Thursday. Josh even wrote in Korean!! He says he can say a short prayer and enjoyed singing in the MTC choir last week. He also enjoyed hearing from Elder Evans and his wife and told us  that he is grateful that he shares the same title as the General Authorities. He sounds very happy!
Today we got a new email. I love that he is doing well, and is happy and feeling better!

My throat is feeling so much better! I got a blessing for it and the medicine really started working. I am super happy it is feeling better cuz I am able to do more of the things that I want to do now! Like I was telling dad, the routine here is basically the same every day! We are in class for 6 hours which is kind of freaking forever to be in class but it's all good! I have given 7 lessons to mock investigators in Korean which has been really hard but has helped me learn a lot faster. The Korean is slowly starting to make more and more sense but it is just a crazy hard language! A lot of things just don't make sense but I feel blessed cuz a lot of things that don't make sense to other people, make sense to me.

I am already in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon! I started when we got here and I have just been reading a lot everyday. King Benjamin's council is what I was just reading and it made a big impact on me! It's amazing how really, we as people are just nothing without the Lord. If we become prideful or if we thing we are better than what we are, the Lord no longer will help us. It's amazing that even though we are just dust basically, we have so many capabilities. And it's amazing that in the large scheme of things, the Lord is so willing to help us. One thing that we have learned is that if we are experiencing success, we should be thanking and praising the Lord, and if we are experiencing some hardship, we can pray for help, but we should also be looking inside ourselves and find out what we are doing wrong.
Well, like I said, the routine here is pretty much the same so we have to make our own fun! Haha so me and Elder Miller set up the trash can on top of two suitcases and play a game called rubbish ball everynight basically! Haha its just basketball basically but using the trash can. It is actually surprisingly fun and we have a good time with it. We also try and take pictures with as many new elder's every Wednesday as possible! Haha they all get little orange stickers on their name tags so we know which Elder's are new. It is pretty funny and I think they like it two. It is kind of a competition between me and Elder miller so i have a lot of those pictures! So my memory card will be full of people I don't even know! Haha funny.. But We also get up every morning at about 5:45 and go run! I hate getting up early but I feel so much better after. Like I said, I am pretty sure I have lost some weight which feels really nice. We also do ab-ripper every tuesday thursday and saturday. We play basketball Monday, Wednesday and Friday and we play beach volleyball on Thursday and Saturday with our district. I surprisingly really like it, especially cuz we have gym in the evening so it feels nice getting outside and just seeing the sunset and everything.


New Missionaries are called Greenies. So, of course, we had to send a greenie pkg. I hope he enjoyed it!

I love these letters. I am so happy that Josh has a balance of spiritual and still fun! His cute personality comes through in his letters and I can totally picture him saying the things he says. We also sent him a peach/pear pie with pictures of Jen's accident and pictures and letters this week. I'm sure with his running and all his sporting activities he seems to be doing, it won't be too much!!! 
We are so proud of Elder Chizzy. He's positive, happy and upbeat. We miss him and pray for him every day, way to go Josh!

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