Friday, October 26, 2012

May the Force be With you!!!!

 Elder Chisholm and Sister McKay....good friends in the MTC, and neighbors at home!!!
 Josh and his branch President, and wife, native Koreans.

 We think this is right before a lot of the native Koreans left for Korea about 4 weeks ago. Josh talked a lot about them and how helpful they were in teaching the language to those missionaries preparing to go to Korea. Josh loved them and said he couldn't wait to go and teach!!

 Last MTC pkg was a Star Wars box! Josh loves Star Wars and we have lots of fun family memories watching it. We figured it was fitting to send our little Korean Jedi Missionary off with some things that remind him of home. We also sent a coloring book, play dough, ADVIL  and treats for the 16 1/2 hr long plane ride!!!
Everyone was anxiously awaiting the airport phone call! It was so great to hear our missionaries voice!! Everyone got to talk to him for quite awhile and he sounded great. He bore his testimony in Korean and said lots of other cool things in Korean too. The best part about it was that he is SO excited to go, so happy, so ready and so anxious. It was fun to talk to him and to hear how good he is doing and how ready he is to GET ON WITH IT! He loved the MTC and learned so much, the Spirit was so strong there and I can tell he grew a lot in the last 11 1/2 weeks.
I, of course, did not sleep well, or do anything well, until I got this picture at 9:00 Tuesday morning. The email said " Missionary Arrival: Your missionary arrived safe, healthy and is in good hands."
Deep sigh of relief for mom!!!!
Now the real fun starts......we can't wait to hear how Korea is and how he's doing!!

"Well, there are a lot of things going through my head right now. It is crazy that in a few days I will be talking to people IN KOREA. It blows my mind that I can actually speak it! I feel so blessed that way. I have come to have a very firm testimony about a missionary calling. The Lord qualifies who He chooses. The biggest thing for me is that I just need to push myself to be better every single day. Something I have thought a lot about today is just finishing. Finishing this awesome MTC experience, finishing some of the relationships with people I may never see again.I look at it this way, if I finish this experience well, I will finish all my mission well. I am really excited to finish out strong and I am doing my best."
"We have sung Called to Serve EVERY SINGLE Tuesday... it is so old now Ha!Ha! But today was the last day of singing it and it really made me think of how great an experience this really has been. My testimony and closeness to the Savior has grown more than anything else. The Korean has been great but I just feel that Heavenly Father is shaping me to be what HE wants me to be and that is one of the greatest feelings in the world! I feel so blessed!"
Elder Chisholm

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