Monday, December 10, 2012

First Month in Seoul

 Thanksgiving at an army base with an LDS Chaplain and family, the Degn's.

 Elder's Chisholm and Hatch, a yummy Thanksgiving dinner!
 We think this is an ice sculpture turkey!

 The view outside Elder Chizzy's apartment!
 Halloween tie, pillowcase and Batman! Apparently, Halloween isn't a big deal in Korea!!!

Elder Chizzy is doing great! He is enjoying cold, snowy, wet Seoul. He is learning little by little to understand and talk and is positive, happy and healthy! We love hearing from him and look forward to his emails every week! We love hime and are super proud of him! Here are a few excerpts from his recent letters.

"Thanksgiving was a great day! The Degn's were a very nice family and I was grateful for them. They lived on an Army base so we got to visit that and see a lot of other American's which was nice. 

We also taught a couple other lessons that went really well:) Heavenly Father really blessed me this week and made me see that I really can make a difference in these peoples lives. For that, I am definitely grateful."

"Church this week was really cool! It was the primary presentation and the kids were so dang cute:) HAha asian kids just in general are so dang cute and awesome! I was touched by the primary music and I was grateful for that experience. The other cool thing about Church was just that there was a sense of just love and everything. Haha it was super cool and the spirit was just super strong at church! It was a good day for sure:"

"This week was full of very cool experiences. It started off with the Bathhouse... HAHA it was way sick and super relaxing! Like, it wasn't near as weird as it sounds. There really weren't tons of people there and it was actually big and it was nice. It didn't remind me of anything in particular because it was like nothing I've ever been in... But there was like a sauna and like four or five big hot tubs basically. Then a wet room and then a cold pool. The cold pool was absolutely freezing but fun. I am pretty sure this is one of the only missions in the world that you can go swimming! Haha it was sick:) Anyways, then we went to Costco and got food and stuff which was fun. Then Tuesday was Temple day!! We got to go to the temple which is about a 30 minute subway ride away... It was super relaxing and a great experience. The temple is aboslutely puny. I am pretty sure there are two endowment rooms and initiatory and the baptismal font and thats it. It is smaller than the Oquirhh Mountain temple and yeah. It is so small. But it is very pretty and very spiritual. It was cool because when you go in, it is noisy and you can hear the city and it is right in the middle of the city, but when you enter the temple, it is quiet and just spiritual. I really liked that part and just being able to feel the spirit was great."

"This week was a better all around week with teaching people and things as well. WE actually had some lessons and one of them in particular was insanely cool. This kids name is 경민 (gyeong meen) He is 21 years old and I actually contacted him like the first week or two I was here. I speaks english super well so that was nice

I actually had some good conversations with people on the street! In our mission, since teaching lessons is really hard, they also set a goal for how many people you talk with on the street every week. the standard is 140 but me and Elder Hatch wanted to get 200 this last week and we did it! It was hard work but way fun. I learned a lot and the time absolutely flew by. We had some really good lessons too. We are meeting with 경민 (gyeong meen:)) today again.. We will see how it goes! We are just doing the same thing as last time so hopefully it goes well. We also met with a guy named 권혁태 (gwon hyeok tae) and he was a really nice guy."

"Luckily, last Monday, we found a super cheap
Christmas tree and ornaments at this place and we were able to buy it
so we have a Christmas tree in our house! Haha and we found a Michael
Buble c.d. and we have been listening to it:) It has made this week
feel a little bit more like christmas:) And then on Wednesday, we went
to another area and it was snowing so hard! But us and the
missionaries in our zone proselyted and handed out Books of Mormon for
presents and stuff:) It was fun and freezing! It has snowed quite a
bit.. Which has really made it feel like christmas.

We haven't been able to meet with a lot of people which has been pretty
frustrating... That is one thing about Koreans... They are always
busy! ALWAYS! Whether it is a test, or something else, they are always
busy with something. So they always say that they can meet next week
and that ends up being the end of the month and then they just never
meet. It is pretty frustrating... We haven't taught a normal lesson
since the 2nd week I was here. But even though that is the case,
missionary work is still good. 

Oh cool story, we got to carol last night!! It
was way fun:) We went to a big subway station and just stood in a
really busy area and sang christmas carols in both english and korean.
It was way fun! It was us, another zone, and a companionship from our
zone. It was awesome to just spread the happiness of christmas and
stuff:) But yeah, life is good... Hard and freezing... But good!"

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